Last Chance for BMUFL shirt

If you want one and have not ordered yet, I need your order by midnight. If you have ordered already, you should have received an email from me this morning. I need you to fill out the final order form with your info for shipping and payment method. No worries if you want to change your quantity, I’m using the new entry in place of your pre-order. The shirts are available in long-sleeve as well. The pricing is as follows:

Sizes S-XL: $20
Sizes XS and 2XL-4XL: $21

(check your sizes from your pre-order. Several people accidentally clicked the wrong button.)

Sizes S-XL: $28
Sizes XS and 2XL-4XL: $29

Shipping and handling will be whatever it costs me for postage and packaging. I am told the shirts will be ready the week of 12/13. If you’re local, I’ll bring them to Mighk’s Christmas Lights Ride on the 18th.

The order has been placed.

These are moisture-wicking technical fabric in retina-burning-no-one-claim-they-didn’t-see-you-in-the-middle-of-the-lane-greenish-yellow.

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  1. Tom Armstrong
    Tom Armstrong says:

    I used to call that color “Please don’t hit me yellow/green.” I’ve taken to calling it, “Don’t you freaking DARE hit me yellow/green,” only because it’s easier to say than “retina-burning-no-one-can-claim-they-didn’t-see-you-in-the-middle-of-the-lane-greenish-yellow.” It’s easier to type, too. (;-) <—helmeted rider grinning smiley

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