Crosswalk Workshop II – October 31st

Hot on the heels of our first Crosswalk Workshop is the upcoming Crosswalk Workshop II on Sunday, October 31st.  We plan to work the crosswalk on Edgewater Drive at Shady Lane Drive at the 7-11 convenience store.

Please plan to join us between 3:00 and 5:00 PM to meet with local pedestrians, explain to them the proper use of the crosswalk, hand out brochures, and to exercise the crosswalk to instruct motorists on the need to yield.

If you want a T-shirt, you can order them from Big Frog in Winter Park, 321-972-8879.  Just ask for the I Stop 4 Pedestrians shirt (in the Bike/Walk Central Florida file).

Since it will be Halloween, costumes are optional.  What would really be great is to have someone dressed up as the Chicken That Crossed The Road!  Let me know if you’re interested in this very prestigious position.

Contact me at, 407-504-2455, or leave a reply to this post with any questions or for more information.

Check out video from a previous visit to this crosswalk:

There’s work to be done!  See you there!

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  1. Kitzzy
    Kitzzy says:

    I really want to attend one of these, so I hope you do more. We’ll probably still be in Miami at this time, but if not we’ll come by.

    Question: Is there a reason you wouldn’t put out your hand with an open palm facing them signaling to stop instead of just pointing to the crosswalk?

  2. LisaB
    LisaB says:

    Good video. Kitzzy, I agree. That’s the one thing that struck me watching the video. If it were me, I’d be directing motorists to stop so I could cross. Simply pointing to the crosswalk is confusing and doesn’t clearly convey your intentions.

  3. Columbusite
    Columbusite says:

    I’ve crossed similar crosswalks more successfully by being assertive, which didn’t consist of just standing and sticking my arm out. My definition of being assertive is by putting my out hand signaling “Stop!” while maintaining movement when safe and possible, and also doing a fake, sudden step as if I’m going to cross where there’s a stream of traffic to see if said traffic will slow. I was honked at once when a pickup swerved into the other lane since the driver thought I was actually going to proceed out in front of him doing the false start technique (I had no intention of actually doing so.)

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