A Boy and his Bicycle

Here is an op-ed piece from the New York Times about World Bicycle Relief. I’ve written here about similar programs involving girls.

I enjoyed this story because it talked about the gory details of how the charity went about doing things. How they designed a bike from the ground up and ended up with a 55 lb., one speed bomb-proof bike, the likes of which could be found in every Sears, Wards and  Western Auto store in America until the ’70’s.

  • Of course it has fenders.
  • Of course it has a bell.
  • Of course the tires are wide.
  • Of course it has Northroad handlebars.

See for yourself.

You can see more photos of Abel and better pictures of his new bike here.  It’s a reminder of the power of bicycles.

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  1. Will
    Will says:

    I’m loving that kickstand too. I could use a bike like that, they should think of importing it and selling them to benefit the local african economy and put some more cash into the charity.

    I also spy a sprung saddle in those pics too.

  2. Eric
    Eric says:

    According to what I read, they are making these bikes all over the place. The organization sets up factories and train mechanics. I want one of those kick stands, too!

  3. Will
    Will says:

    Yeah, they are basically creating a market, not just a bike. I might have to try and build one. I’ve seen a double arm for sale that mounts behind the bottom bracket, but this might be more fun.

    • Mark
      Mark says:

      Worksman makes great, rugged steel-framed bikes and adult trikes. People ride them all over the world…because they last! You can find them in Orlando, Florida from Ding Bikes or online at dingbikes.com

  4. Kevin Love
    Kevin Love says:

    Most of the proper bikes around here are imported from Europe. For example, my Pashley. But that can be a mite expensive.

    One of our locals saw an opportunity so asked himself the question “What is the lowest cost at which a decent bike can be made?”

    The answer… $300. And so a new bike manufacturer was born. Beater Bikes.

    $300 buys you a quality bike that will take you everywhere and last the rest of your life.

    *100% All-Steel.
    *Front and rear racks.
    *Front and rear fenders.
    *Internal hub coaster brakes.

    Single speed or 3-speed SA internal hub gears – which cost an extra $100.

    I have no connection with the company other than likeing their concept of good quality at a low price.



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