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Posted by on Sep 7, 2010 in Bicycle Culture, General | 5 comments

Note to Self: Bring “NFS” Sign

PENSACOLA, Fla., Sept. 7 (UPI) — A Florida man who rode his bicycle to an estate sale said the $450 bike was mistakenly sold for $5 while he was inside.

Jim Rodney, 56, of Pensacola, said he parked his bicycle outside the estate sale Saturday and emerged to discover his bike had accidentally been sold by a family member handling the sale while haggling over a different bike, the Pensacola News Journal reported Tuesday.

Rodney said organizers of the estate sale offered him $100 for the loss of his 27-inch, 21-speed Schwinn Super Sport.

“I thanked them, but I told them that that wouldn’t help me get my bicycle back,” Rodney said.

“I’m hoping that the person who bought the bike will see this and realize that a mistake was made and have the kind-enough heart to get it back to me,” Rodney said.


  1. Always always ALWAYS lock your bike at garage sales or keep them in eyeshot. Lock them to something too, if you can. Hard to sell a bike if its locked to a table or street sign or bannister.

  2. What I want to know is why I can’t find a sale like that?

    The ones I go to (on my bike, natch) always want $50 for a 10 year-old Wal-Mart BSO with twisted rims, worn out tires and chrome that started rusting five years ago.

    • Heh that reminds me of a guy that tried to sell me a really rusty next bike that originally retailed at walfart for $100 for $75.

      I’ve also been surfing craigslist and there’s a guy selling lamborghini bikes for $450. They are currently retailing new for $199. That being said, I got lucky monday and picked up a 1995 specialized rockhopper for $40. Going to be the next frankenbike project, looking to make that my main do-all bike.

  3. Think $50 for a Wal-Mart BSO is nuts? I see folks advertising circa 1975 ten-speeds (that sold new for $115 when I was working in a shop at the time) at $300, billing them as “classic road bikes!” And hipsters actually pay that kind of money!

    Well, yeah, $50 for a Wally-World BSO is pretty nuts.
    (;-) <–helmeted rider grinning

  4. I almost had something like this happen to me. I had brought the girls to a little thrift store in town, and when we came out sure enough there was a Lady checking out our bikes. Once she realized they were ours she said. I thought they were for sale, I was going to buy them for my Daughter and Ganddaughters. I just directed her to where the thrift stores bikes were and left, but now we lock our bikes up 100% of the time because while out here I don’t worry about theft too much. I have learned that mistakes like that can happen. I hope everything works out and he is able to find his bike.


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