New Format for CO

You’ve probably noticed things look a little different. When I created this website in 2008, I barely knew how to do more than simple html. The blog was an experiment. I didn’t know it would grow to the focal point of the site. In this redesign, I’ve brought the original html pages into WordPress. I redirected the urls to popular pages like The Confident Cyclist, so incoming links won’t be broken.

On the homepage, the left column is dedicated to new posts and the center column highlights local community activities. Below these posts are a few more special category areas for Featured Destinations, the Smart Moves series and some of our more popular essays.

Thank you for your loyal readership!

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    RANTWICK says:

    It says something that your blog remains good reading for me all the way up here in Canada. You’ve really got a stand-out thing going here and I appreciate the effort you and others have put in. Keep it up!

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