Orlando Mountain Bike Park needs your support!

From Mario Maenza
Subject: MAJOR DEVELOPEMENT, WE NEED YOUR HELP – 08/17/10 8:30am
August 17, 2010. 8:30 am, City Council meeting about the park (City Council Chambers, Orlando City Hall).
The ONE(1) neighbor who has concerns about the park will be there. There is always one. If you can make it, I know it’s a Tuesday morning, we need some support to show the city this will be a good thing. Lets make sure one person doesn’t ruin this for the hundreds of people that love this idea/project.
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      • Diana
        Diana says:

        I don’t think there is a City Council meeting on that date, but there is a MPB meeting. I was trying to figure out how much time it might take. For a Council meeting, you would be looking at a lot of ceremonial stuff (salute flag, prayer, awards, misc. yacking, etc.) before they ever get to the agenda. For those of us that would have to take time off work, getting to “our” issue quickly would be great. I hope it’s the MPB.

  1. Eric
    Eric says:

    So I was thinking what else Area C could be used for. The reason that half wasn’t sold, but was “donated” to the City was because of all the groundwater remediation that is needed, so to make sure that the land wasn’t eventually used as residential, uses are limited.

    Here are some of those uses:
    1. The land could be turned over to GOAA and a good use for it would be a heliport. This would improve safety by further separating rotary from fixed wing traffic.
    2. The land could be turned over to OUC. Possible uses by OUC would be a sewage treatment plant or a electricity substation or possibly a parking lot for the service trucks. It’s a little large, but another water treatment plant would be nice to have.
    3. The land could be used by the Solid Waste Management Bureau for a parking lot. Once again, it’s a central location and we always needs places to park the trucks.

    I am certain that the neighbors wouldn’t mind the truck traffic, giving up AM radio, having the potential of a chlorine gas leak, or an occasional odor from time-to-time.

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