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  1. That looks perfect the urban commute and errands. I’d better start saving my $$$.

    • Diana, you definitely need one of those in your collection!

  2. After seeing Diana and her dog, I’m trying to figure out how she will carry the dog on/in this trailer!!
    I do think this is a cool trailer and I’m working on how I might attach it to my trike. Shouldn’t be too hard.

    • Stix, I have three more dogs I’d be happy to hitch up behind your recumbent trike. You’ll need a good sized trailer for that, though. I towed two of them on the Commute Orlando Dog Ride, and it was a chore. I had 106 pounds of dog, a 19 pound crate, 1 pound of ratcheted tie-downs, on a 30 pound flatbed trailer. I felt like I was on a stationary bike!
      But that little lightweight Burley Travois looks like it would be sweet for commuting to work and running errands. And it would totaly carry an inflatable penguin.

      • I meant “Travoy” and “totally.”

  3. When I started watching the video, I said to myself, “That sure is an expensive golf cart.” But I kept watching and saw how it is hinged 16 ways from Sunday and I think it is very cool.

    Put it behind a folder and you can carry both into your office. Maybe wheeling the folder on the trailer?