It is within your power… are you worthy?

This is a fun look at both utility cycling and sustainable business practices:

Transportation and simple living are two of my favorite soapboxes. With this project, I want to dispel the notion that bikes are difficult, dangerous, impractical, etc. So I rode my bike, with an empty keg in tow, to my favorite local craft brewery (Stone Brewing). We had a couple of beers, and talked to the folks there about their commitment to sustainability. Then I loaded up a fresh keg, and pedaled it home 17 miles over some consequential elevation changes. I don’t expect everyone to drag a 160lb keg up a steep hill on a bicycle, but I see my neighbors driving 1/4 mile from their homes to go to Vons, carrying their groceries away in plastic bags. Then they drive back to the same shopping center to get their requisite exercise at 24hr fitness. I just want to convince them to bike or walk that 1/4 mile to Vons to fill up a backpack with useful brew. At once they’ll save time and money, and reduce dependence on oil and pollution going into our oceans.

I think I’ll ride over to Total for a sixpack of Stone’s most excellent Arrogant Bastard Ale.

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  1. Eric
    Eric says:

    I am not worthy. My wife told me that if I started buying kegs of beer, even 1/4 kegs, it was over.

  2. Columbusite
    Columbusite says:

    This reminds me of the Cliff Bar 2 Mile Challenge which cites the fact that 40% of all urban trips are 2 miles or less, but 90% of them are by car.

    I am lazy and I do bike to the grocery store down the block despite the easy walking distance. I’m able to carry a good-sized bag on the rack along with sticking heavier items in my messenger bag. I often wonder what people think when they see me hauling groceries on my bike with ease.

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