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Posted by on May 23, 2010 in Bicycle Culture | 8 comments

Whackyville….Portland, OR

Leave it to the off the wall thinkers of Bicycle Utopia , USA to make some noise! Definitely gets the imaginative and creative juices flowing for me.  And to think “I” had a really big flatbed utility trailer!

Now this is a Bicycle Trailer


  1. That ROCKS!

    And you sure can’t be a gutter bunny with that thing attached 😉

  2. I had pretty much the same thought. Lane splitting would be pretty clear with those guys…

  3. Have they started putting brakes on the big trailers yet? Need something to hold back the weight.

  4. Cool. I reposted this on my Meetup. I saw a picture somewhere a couple of years ago of someone hauling a refrigerator on its side. Fine for you flatlanders, but I wouldn’t want to try that either up or downhill!

    • Portland, Or has some pretty steep hills. I’ve ridden there several times.

  5. That is so very cool! Try doing that in a bike lane! The tandem is perfect! Great way to get good PR.