Day 5 Photos

This has been an incredible week! I have hours of video to view, sort and edit. I have hundreds of photos and several pages of notes. I hope to work it into a post in the next few days.

But for now, I’m having a couple beers and going to bed. Here are some photos from today.

Rain was the order of the day. It sprinkled on my ride to the station this morning. It rained on the students as they rode their obstacle course test. It poured on us on our way back the station. It finally stopped raining before I rode home.

All of the drills were at the gun range today. This was a simulated wipe-out shot, the students had to shoot at the target from the floor, then get on their feet, still shooting targets.

Shooting in darkness, all you have is the bike headlights. Those police bikes have some bright headlights!

The practical test is a timed obstacle course. In a simulated “officer needs assistance” call, they had to run outside, grab bikes, ride through cones, jump curbs, do a cyclocross section, carry the bike through a ditch, remount, run inside, shoot the targets and pull a cart of plywood (simulated body) to safety.

Remount after carrying the bike through the ditch.

Here are 2 screen shots from the video of our ride home (added 2/13):

OK, more photos and video when I have time to sort it all out. Congratulations to all the graduates of this class!

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  1. Ofc Campbell
    Ofc Campbell says:

    Keri, thanks for coming out and riding with us. I had a great week, even though the rain and cold weather was not fun. I really learned a bunch!

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