Day 2 Photos

The weather forecast today was 100% accurate. It started raining at noon, while we were at lunch… on the other side of town. I am very grateful for my rain jacket and rain pants. I felt sorry for the guys in T-shirts and shorts. It was a cold rain, and it poured on us all the way back across town.

It was somewhat difficult to take photos of the drills since we had to do them in a dark parking garage. At least I have a fast lens. I got some great video today. Will get to that on the weekend, probably.

Here are photos from today:


Morning warm-up. Bill put on a DVD of mountain bike trick-riding before class.


No, it’s not a prayer circle. They’re stretching their necks.


Stop & turn drill. Students had to go to each cone, stop and turn 90°


Track Stand


“M” drill. This was the one they were tested on. It’s basically a series of 180° turns.

There was one other — an “S” turn — but it was too dark to get worthwhile photos.

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  1. Keri
    Keri says:

    Steve, I’ll ask. I pondered that myself and reasoned that large cones increase the level of difficulty… for this type of training, that’s a good thing.

    We use small sports cones and sponges rather than cut up tennis balls.

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