Baskets vs. Panniers

This gets me a few stares

This gets me a few stares

Back from the store with a full bottle.

Bungee cords keep things where they need to be kept.

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  1. Kevin Love
    Kevin Love says:

    I use both on my Pashley. 65L Basil panniers and a basket on my rear rack. When I’ve lots of groceries, I’ll also put shopping bags on the handlebars.

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      But can you carry a 20# gas bottle like I do? Those bottles weigh in the neighborhood of 30# when full. Put it in a bag on your handlebars and it might pull the handlebars in that direction.

      I never put grocery bags on the handlebars. I don’t think it’s safe.

  2. eddie
    eddie says:

    I’m a basket convert. I have a basket on my worksman that is attatched to the frame, which is very stable. I have a wald on my Dyno, which is beefy but interfers with steering if I load it up too much. I have some basil panniers on my pashley that don’t see as much use. My xtracycle is great for kayaks, couches and other monsters. this post makes me realize I probably have too many bikes.

    any cargo hauling solutions for raleigh twenties?

  3. andrewp
    andrewp says:

    Nice pic, Eric. I remember a while back you posted some additional pictures of your utility bike (I think it’s somewhere on this site) and you did a post about utility bikes in general. I thought to myself it was a great adaptation that you had come up with ……

    My “grocery getter” has the Wald double-fold-up baskets in the back, but I have yet to do something on the front. Your basket up front looks extra-wide — is it? Where did you get?

  4. Eric
    Eric says:

    Eddie has it right. Weight on the front is fine if it is on the frame and not the hub. Worksman makes a cycle truck that does that:

    Another way to do things is the way I did it using the Alex Wilson design:

    Find large wire baskets is hard. Finding them at reasonable prices is even harder. The one I am using now is 24wx17lx10d”, came from Lowe’s for about $20. Shopping for them now, and equivalent is in the $50 range. It’s okay, but I wish is was a little wider so that I could put three paper sacks across the front, and the wire guage is a little too thin, so I am on the hunt.

    One fellow uses these:

    I think what I am looking for now is a used small shopping cart so I can take off the basket.

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