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Posted by on Oct 28, 2009 in Uncategorized | 12 comments

One advantage to sport cycling clothing…


It works as a swimming attire.

Guys can just wear swim trunks on the bike, but a woman’s bathing suit seams are totally in the wrong place for that. Street clothes don’t work well as swim-wear. Changing into a swim suit when you’re all sticky from a ride is more trouble than it’s worth. But spandex shorts and a lycra jersey work great! I went straight from the bike to the pool.

I feel so much better now!


  1. Yes, I agree. Rode up to Wekiva Springs State Park a month ago and took a dip. Water was excellent and didn’t have to use my swimmers.

    Of course, about 1/3 the way back everything was dry!

  2. Yup, I’ve made many trips up to Blue Springs and jumped in with my bike clothes!

  3. Nice! But then you change before getting back on the bike, right?…

    • “But then you change before getting back on the bike, right?…”

      Nope. You drip dry, then hop on the bike and ride. A little chamois butter and body glide prevent chafing and other “discomforts.”

    • My favorite (half off topic) is riding up to Cady Way Pool, swimming with the kids, and then riding home just in my baggies. Not even a shirt. Man, it feels like I’m on the beach. But in reality, I’m only on a boat.

    • When I first started doing the ride to Blue Springs, I was worried about chafing so I would apply diaper rash cream or chamois buttr after swimming. But after a while I stopped doing that… out of laziness and… figuring the chamois wasn’t really any wetter after swimming than it was from simply riding that distance (~80 miles RT) on a humid Florida day. I haven’t had any problems.

      With a good chamois (Castilli is my favorite) I can ride 100+ miles with no chafing.

  4. Your post gives new meaning to “bike pool.”

  5. And if you wear your bike clothes into the pool, you avoid showing those awkward biker tan lines.

  6. Keri wrote about:
    “…when you’re all sticky from a ride…”

    Kevin’s comment:
    It has been a long time since I’ve gotten sticky from a ride. Even last August when the temperatures soared way into the 30′s and the weatherman noted that it was hotter in Toronto than it was in Orlando.

    I just don’t ride on my Pashley like I’m racing in the Tour de France. I arrive at work, wearing my nice work clothes, calm and cool and collected.

    Or take a look at the photo of middle-aged lawyers cycling to court in Copenhagen in their suits and ties. I don’t think they are getting very sticky. Photo at:

    • It’s not heat, it’s humidity. On a summer morning the temperature may be in the high 70s, but I’ll be sweating before I get the bike unlocked.

      And I bet I ride exactly the same casual pace you do most of the time. This has nothing to do with exertion, Kevin. I get just as soaking wet standing outside having a conversation for 20 minutes as I do riding my bike for 20 minutes.

  7. looks like u had fun. glad, there was no gators in the pool :)

    peace :)

  8. Darn, I thought this was going to be the Commute Orlando Swimsuit Issue… ;-)