Volunteers “Bike-Bus” Drivers Needed

Volunteers Needed to “Drive Bike-Buses” to VegFest!

As part of the 350.org International Day of Climate Action on October 24, Florida Bicycle Association is teaming up with Central Florida VegFest to run “Bike Buses” from around Orlando to the festival at Loch Haven Park.  Help out by “driving” a Bike-Bus and show Central Florida how human power can replace fossil fuel and help cut greenhouse gas emissions.  The Florida Renewable Energy Expo will also be held on the 24th next door at the Orlando Science Center.

What is a Bike-Bus you ask?  Simple: a ride leader or small group of cyclists starts at a predetermined place and time and follows a predetermined route, picking up other bicyclists along the way at “bus stops” – just as a regular bus does.

We’d like to have at least two runs for each route heading into VegFest in the morning, and two heading outbound in the afternoon.  So this will be better suited to shorter routes, since doing a 10-mile round trip 4 times means 40 miles.  (Most novice cyclists won’t travel much more than that anyway, but we will leave it to you determine how long a route you wish to “drive.”)

Rusted Chain Bike Collective will head up the Bike Valet service to keep bikes secure.  Let me know if you’d like to help out with that, too.

Figuring that some people will want to buy something at VegFest and might not be able to carry it home with them on their bikes, we’d also like to offer cargo bike service (perhaps for a fee?).  If you have some sort of cargo bike or a trailer, you could participate in such an effort.

Please forward this to anyone you think would be interested!

If you would like to lead (or help lead) a Bike-Bus, please contact me at mwilson@metroplanorlando.com and tell me:

1. Your Name

2. E-mail

3. Phone

4. Desired Starting Point (address or intersection; be as descriptive as you can)

5. Time period during which you can help

6. Are you willing and able to haul some cargo home for folks by bike?

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  1. andrewp
    andrewp says:

    Mighk: I will work with RCBC on the Bike Valet service. I’ll get with them for the details …. thx!

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