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  1. I’ve got “Hot Bike Gossip” !!!!! Now, how can you possibly miss this meet-up??? :)

    I’ll be there, although I probably will miss the CM ride since I always seem to get out of work a bit late to make it there in time …..

  2. Andrew, you could probably catch the group on Orange.

  3. Really — what group? Where do they leave from, and when?

  4. CM… they go down Orange Ave. You can probably catch it around 6:15 or so. I’ve never seen the mass get out of the Science Center much before 6.

  5. AH!! I see what youa re saying — catch them before they turn on Virginia/Corrine. I never knew what route they took and assumed it was Mills ………

  6. Hmmm. Perhaps a meet B4 CM @ B3?