Thank you!/No Thank you!! (wall of pictures)

Today, I had a nice experience with a car driver … on my commute on Cady Way Trail, I have several roads that I cross.  I have to say for the most part, traffic actually comes to a complete stop when they see me in the path at the intersection, and let me through.   Some don’t, but most do ….

Today, a mother and younger daughter (in a car) were coming up to an intersection.  Mom seemed not sure about stopping, but she did.  As I started to cross, I waved … daughter saw me, Mom didn’t, but daughter reached over and touched Mom and said something, smiling.  Mom looked up and I pointed at her and waved again and said “THANK YOU”.  Both of their beaming smiles made my ride for the day.

I wish I had a picture of that to share with you all.  Which got me thinking … could it be possible to mount a camera on your helmet (or somewhere on your bike) to take these kind of pictures?  I’d love it, if it was technically and feasibly possible.

What I would want to do is post pictures like what happened today, with captions saying “Thanks for the friendly stop and wave”.  I’d also take pictures of wrong-way cyclists and caption it with “No, No, your putting yourself in more harm — ride WITH traffic”.  Then … post the pictures in the gallery or on Flickr. I just would want the pictures out in the public as much as possible.  I was thinking of something like a picture-board wall (to hold all pics) with a special “pic of the week” …

Keri has written many time about how most conflict between car/cyclist are a result — at their core — of civility issues.  Also she has pointed out that one of motorist’s biggest issues with cyclists involve their disregard of traffic rules — wrong-way riding, running reds, etc. A wall of pictures like these would be a way to show that we appreciate being shown respect and kindness on the road, and also don’t appreciate the opposite, whether the vehicle in question is a car or a bike.

Maybe this is just not doable — camera focus issues, lighting, car window shading, etc etc … but wouldn’t it be fun to promote this:

And not this:

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  1. Keri
    Keri says:

    I’m always stunned by the way motorists yield at the Cady Way crossings, especially the 4-lane roads. I pull up there thinking, “oh man, I’ll never get across this.” then everyone stops. They don’t do that for pedestrians at crosswalks! I wonder what the stimulus is that makes those crossings different.

    Friendly smiles and waves are the best! It brings the humanity back into the traffic system. These positive human interactions are one of my favorite things about going by bike.

    Next time you are rolling down the road and you see an oncoming car, beam a great big smile at the driver. Watch. They can’t help but smile back. And they’ll keep smiling long after they pass… and so will you. Smiling releases endorphins.

    I love doing that.

  2. Mighk
    Mighk says:

    Sorry to take the cynical approach, but I think the reason why motorists stop at trail crossings for cyclists when they aren’t required to is because so few cyclists stop at stop signs.

    What behavior do I see all the time by pedestrians? Waiting until it is completely clear to enter a marked crosswalk even though motorists are required to yield (in other words, not taking advantage of their rights). While cyclists on the other hand routinely violate the right-of-way of motorists.

  3. Keri
    Keri says:

    Oh Mighk, what a buzzkill!

    I’ve suspected that. Though on average, cyclists do seem more cautious at those busy Cady Way crossings than at the minor roads.

    Yes, pedestrians are their own worst enemy sometimes, standing around looking at their feet and making no indication they even want to cross. That drives me crazy when I’m trying to yield to them. Another self-reinforcing problem.

  4. Dennis
    Dennis says:

    I rarely see drivers slow down or stop at Cady Way crossings and when I stop it always seems like the cars behind me get angry.

    I think there is a well-reviewed video camera called the Flip that you can mount on a bike (google it). There also helmet mountable cameras (I think at Ben’s Cycles). I’m sure I’ve seen some video shorts from a member here too…find out from him.

  5. Steve A
    Steve A says:

    The girl in the bottom picture looks like the one that passed me on Wednesday, to my right (on a narrow road), screaming through the stop sign I was halted at, swinging left, nearly rear ending the mini van I’d been waiting behind, and nearly getting hit by the “protected” cross traffic.

    Unless I conclude that the mere sight of a cyclist stopped at a stop sign sent the girl into an uncontrollable rage, I’d have to conclude that some drivers are just idiots. Not even a “mean” point for this one unless she’d thrown or yelled something as she tore by.

    Ironically, I caught up to her at the next traffic light after safely completing my left turn. I didn’t feel like waving or saying anything polite, and I was too flabbergasted to take down the license number. Andrew’s camera would have come in handy, however.

    The new commute route has certainly been interesting this first week!

  6. Dennis
    Dennis says:

    I used to see this guy named OMAS riding his bike on Lakemont and he made an extraordinary investment in making he and his bike as clearly visible as possible on the road. One day when I saw him riding it struck me that it may not matter how much effort he invested in his and his bike’s visibility and safety, he is still incredibly vulnerable with today’s drivers, road safety standards and people’s attitudes about life.
    I don’t have a lot of road biking experience but it certainly feels like when I get on the road I’m just entering a rat race.

  7. Keri
    Keri says:


    from my last home, I used to walk to the Bruesters Ice Cream store at the corner of Howell Branch and 436. Walking along the HB sidewalk and watching the cars woosh past, I’d “feel” like there was no way a person could ride a bike on that road. Whats weird is, I rode a bike on that road all the time. It is very easy, not scary, I’ve had no problems with conflicts or close passing. I use one lane, the cars changed lanes and use the other. So, even as I stood there on the sidewalk feeling overwhelmed by the traffic, I knew from personal experience that it was very possible and easy to ride a bike there.

    It’s not lost on me that people who have never tried to ride a bike on a road like that (or have tried to do it as a gutter-rider), would believe it is impossible or dangerous.

    That’s one of the perception problems we are trying to change with this website. I think the Cyclistview videos create a big step forward in allowing people to see how motorists treat cyclists. I’m so grateful that Brian has come here to help show that it works the same on our roads as it does on the roads in SoCal.

    If you’re in Orlando, myself or one of the CommuteOrlando mentors would be happy to ride with you sometime. We can show you it’s really is safe and easy. And we can start with Lakemont… even at rush hour, that’s the tamest 4-lane road of any that I ride on regularly.

  8. ChipSeal
    ChipSeal says:

    What a great point, Keri!

    Next time a video is created, perhaps a few seconds showing the road you will be riding on from the sidewalk will demonstrate that point.

    I think that those of us who are experienced and comfortable with commanding our lane forget how intimidating the view is from the sidewalk. (Or windshield too, I suppose.)


  9. Rantwick
    Rantwick says:

    I’ve been messing around with taking video from my bike for a while now. The main problem is camera shake from road vibration and bumps, so good video is tough. I’m making progress with it, but it’s a lot of work.

    Still photos, however, have worked out reasonably well. I’ve tried a few DIY camera mount options, all on the handlebars, because I didn’t want the camera panning around quickly with my head all the time. Sites like have tons of entries for this kind of thing, including helmet mounts, which might be better suited to taking still pictures… just look and shoot!

  10. Rantwick
    Rantwick says:


    Where can I see the Cyclistview videos? This site and the people on it, by the way, are great. One of the best commuter sites I’ve been to.



  11. Keri
    Keri says:


    Lots of good stuff at

    For video:
    has videos of Dan Gutierrez & Brian DeSousa in SoCal
    has video of me, shot by Brian here in Orlando
    has video of Herman May and Richard Wharton, shot by Brian in Dallas

    I have lots more yet-to-be edited video that I’ll be posting over the next few weeks.


    Thank you for the compliment and for joining our conversations! I’m most grateful to our authors and readers for making this site what I hoped it would become when I launched it (almost a year ago)

    BTW, your Ortlieb’s Inferno post was hilarious… so typical of bikeforums.


  12. Andrewp
    Andrewp says:

    Mighk: Maybe it’s just Cady Way, or the time of the day, or how I’m dressed, or that I’m looking right at them, but whatever the reason, the folks stop, and they don’t seem too agitated or upset in doing so.

    As for pictures … Maybe just a small camera with a lanyard around the wrist … I’ll have to experiment some …

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