A Good Read on Bike Laws

California and Florida use the same laws regarding bicycles and slow-moving vehicles. The interpretation of the law would be the same here.

The desire to restrict cyclists’ use of the road for the convenience of others comes from the lack of respect for bicycles as vehicles/cyclists as drivers. The drivers of faster vehicles are NOT more important or more entitled to the road. We are not interlopers, we are citizens using the public way for our travels.

If You Want to Know Bike Laws, Don’t Ask the California Highway Patrol


Yesterday, regular reader and MetroRider Calwatch sent me a story from the Daily Bulletin that quoted a member of the California Highway Patrol that bike riding two abreast is always illegal.  The worst part of the article was that the CHP initially said that two abreast riding is legal in certain circumstances but then the agency went to great pains to backtrack and make sure to get out the wrong information.

Not being an expert on the specific sections of state law, I put out a call for help to help me with background on the story.  What I got was an amazing and detailed take down of the article and the CHP by Long Beach uber-activist Dan Gutierrez.

Read the whole article here.

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  1. fred_dot_u
    fred_dot_u says:

    Let’s pass a meaningless three-foot passing law… oh, wait, there’s already one of those, unenforced by unaware law enforcement officers. Bitter? Me? Just kidding. It’s all fun.

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