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Posted by on Jan 23, 2009 in Bicycle Culture | 2 comments

Bicycle Diaries

The BBC World Service is presenting a series of three radio shows called the Bicycle Diaries. Each show is ~25 minutes long.

Show one was about the Paris bicycle lending program.
Show two is about how people use bicycles in Uganda.
I don’t know what show three is about.

The first one was pretty good, the second one is in my mp3 player waiting for me to get around to listening to it.

You can download the MP3 files, or subscribe via podcast here.


  1. I thought it was funny that the Velib’ stations on top of the hill were always empty. Maybe they need to offer a credit to people depositing bikes in racks on top of hills… :-)

  2. I thought in one place they said they did and the credit worked. I finally heard the second one.

    One fellow took such pride in his bike that he put it in the shop every week for service. Another used his bike a mobile pay phone booth. Deliveries, people movers, ice cream sellers. They use their bikes to make a living and “lift themselves out of poverty.” Poverty being a relative term.

    Next week: India and the role bikes play there.