A Great Resource for Cyclists

FBA Homepage

The Florida Bicycle Association has launched a new website. It is rich with information and resources… (and yes, it was designed by me) 😉

Here are some highlights:

The Florida Bike Laws page contains explanations of the laws pertaining to cyclists (you know, those confusing ones that micromanage our lane position and appear as though they were written to be misinterpreted against us).

FBA has some great publications and videos. Some, like the Law Enforcement Guide and Street Smarts booklet are absolutely free! Be sure to check out the online videos, too.

If you’re looking for something new and rewarding to do with your mountain bike, look into the new Trips for Kids Orlando.

We never like to talk about this, but it’s a good idea to know your rights if you are ever hit by a car. There are a few simple steps you can do at the scene to save a lot of headaches later. Better to know them in advance than learn them after the fact.

Then make sure you learn to avoid the common crashes, too!

And finally, the Florida Bicycle Association is working on our behalf to educate cyclists and motorists, to protect our rights and to promote legislation which benefits us. They also contributed $1000 to the Lynx bus advertising campaign. Let’s support FBA and help them help us!