Smackdown Rocks Winter Park Bowl America

Cyclists took over the Winter Park Bowl America this evening to raise money for a campaign to increase motorist awareness.

The event was a stunning success, exceeding the expectations of its organizers—Carol Stevens and Mary Shanklin.

The lanes were full, I know they sold a ton of raffle tickets, there were several generous donations and the auctioned sculpture brought over $100. Hal Downing is working hard to secure some corporate sponsors, as well. I look forward to Mary’s report on Chain Gang for the final score.

It was a beautiful thing to see the cycling community come together with such enthusiasm. Hopefully this is the beginning of ongoing momentum to improve the traffic culture and make Central Florida a cyclist-friendly community.

Many, many thanks to Carol and Mary for initiating, organizing, and working tirelessly while we all played.

Photos from the event are in the gallery. If you have photos of your own, please post them there.