Proposed new signs and markings (3)

“Share the Road” gets a makeover for bicyclists. It goes from Yellow to Fluorescent Yellow Green (FWG) and can be combined with a pedestrian sign.
Section 9B.18 Bicycle Warning and Combined Bicycle/Pedestrian Signs (W11­1 and W11­15)

The Bicycle Warning (W11­1) sign (see Figure 9B­3) alerts the road user to unexpected entries into the
roadway by bicyclists, and other crossing activities that might cause conflicts. These conflicts might be
relatively confined, or might occur randomly over a segment of roadway.

The combined Bicycle/Pedestrian (W11­15) sign (see Figure 9B­3) may be used where both bicyclists and
pedestrians might be crossing the roadway, such as at an intersection with a shared­use path. A TRAIL XING
(W11­15P) supplemental plaque (see Figure 9B­3) may be mounted below the W11­15 sign.

A supplemental plaque with the legend AHEAD or XX METERS (FEET) may be used with the Bicycle
Warning or combined Bicycle/Pedestrian sign.

If used in advance of a specific crossing point, the Bicycle Warning or combined Bicycle/Pedestrian sign
should be placed at a distance in advance of the crossing location that conforms with the guidance given in
Table 2C­4.

Bicycle Warning and combined Bicycle/Pedestrian signs, when used at the location of the crossing, hall be supplemented with a diagonal downward pointing arrow (W16­7P) plaque (see Figure 9B­3) to show the location of the crossing.

A fluorescent yellow­green background color with a black legend and border should be used for Bicycle Warning and combined Bicycle/Pedestrian signs and supplemental plaques.

When the fluorescent yellow­green background color is used, a systematic approach featuring one background color within a zone or area should be used. The mixing of standard yellow and fluorescent yellow­green backgrounds within a zone or area should be avoided.