Mellow Johnny’s: Lance Aims to Create Bike Culture in Austin

Did I mention Momentum?

The 36-year-old cycling star who brought back road racing in America is now building a cultural mecca for bike lovers.

writes Rhiannon Coppin in Shifting Priorities.

Just in time for bike week, Lance’s new bike shop/commuter station opened today in downtown Austin. The facility will include secure bike parking, showers and a cafe for bike commuters.

Austin, like many cities (including Orlando) has seen a surge in downtown infill development — bringing in 25,000 new residents. As a result, says general manager, Craig Staley:

“Cycling is huge to the future of our city. We’re not going to have a vibrant downtown, and we’re not going to have a real livable city if cycling does not get included in there somehow. We’re going to be choked by traffic.”

To encourage safe cycling, Mellow Johnny’s has contracted with LCI Eileen Schaubert to help lobby the city and major employers to create incentives for cyclists, and to direct street-level education to help beginner commuters.

Lance says:

“I always wanted to do a cool bike shop in Austin that’s not only focused on the racing side of things, but also the community side as well.”

Bravo, Lance!

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