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You can find an LCI near you on the League's Findit page.

Commute Orlando Instructors

Lisa Blount

Lisa bikes to work several days a week from her home in Winter Springs to her job as Director of Communications & Public Affairs for the state’s largest trade association – a 30- to 50-mile commute roundtrip, depending on the route. Hauling a MacBook Pro and other gear, Lisa uses the commute to train for long distance tours and other endurance events.

She serves as Vice President of The BOBbies (Babes on Bikes), a women’s cycling group in Orlando, and is one of several instructors in the BOBbies’ highly-acclaimed training programs. She became a League Certified Instructor in January 2008, part of her commitment to help others enter the sport and become confident and proficient vehicular cyclists.

Lisa also serves on the Board of Directors for the Florida Bicycle Association, offering her expertise in communications and public policy.

Believing in the right tool for the right job, Lisa currently owns three bikes – a Litespeed Bella (an incredibly fast road bike), Specialized Ruby (for endurance/mountain events) and a Trek FX 7.6 for commuting. She’s currently researching touring bikes for her next endurance event: the TransAmerica ride in 2011.

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Keri Caffrey

Keri has been a cycling on the roads of Orlando since 1986. In 2002, she began riding in recreational groups and in 2004 joined Cori Downing in creating the BOBbies women's cycling club.

As Education Coordinator for the BOBbies, Keri developed a curriculum for paceline training seminars, cornering and hill-training clinics.

She is currently participating in the development of a bike ed curriculum for the Florida Bicycle Association, to be delivered through the Florida Safety Council.

Keri is the developer of CommuteOrlando (writer and illustrator of most of its content) and a member of the Advisory board of the Florida Bicycle Association.

Keri's mission in the cycling world is to empower individual cyclists to ride with confidence and realize unhindered access to the transportation grid. Keri believes we can transform our traffic culture, through education and social marketing, into one which recognizes that roads are for people, not cars.

Articles by Keri Caffrey

'Get-there-itis': Confrontation is not about bikes and cars
(Orlando Sentinel, April 27, 2008)

On cyclists’ education and empowerment
(FBA Messenger, Summer '08)

Getting the Road to Yourself
(FBA Messenger, Fall '08)


Keri photo

Mighk Wilson

Mighk Wilson says he's been bike commuting for more than 35 years, starting with his first paper route at age 10. In 1987 he toured the U.S., from Orlando to Portland, Maine, to the Oregon coast, and down to Oakland, California. If it can be done on a bike he's probably done it (except for working as a bike messenger). In addition to touring and commuting he's raced (a bit), mountain-biked (not enough), been an advocate, built mountain bike trails, played bike polo, and met the woman who became his wife and tandem co-pilot (Carol, former Executive Director of Florida Bicycle Association). He’s biked over 150,000 miles and in 37 states (plus Ontario).

He is an FBA Cycling Instructor, a regional trainer for the Florida Traffic & Bicycle Safety Education Program, has been a bicycle and pedestrian coordinator for Metroplan Orlando since 1993, and has recently taken on additional duties in smart growth planning and analysis. He received his bachelor’s in Environmental Studies and Growth Management at Rollins College in the spring of 2008. He has served on the board of Florida Bicycle Association since 1999.

Having used a bicycle as his primary mode of transport for so long he’s come to realize that he lives in a kind of alternate reality.

“It occurred to me the other day that I live in a different reality from nearly everybody else. Every so often I’ll bump into a casual, non-cyclist acquaintance I haven’t seen for some months. As often as not that person will ask, “Still riding your bike?”

“I find it hard to resist rolling my eyes and saying, “Well duh, yes, why wouldn’t I be?” Perhaps I should respond with, “Sure. You still driving a car?” In my reality bicycling is normal. In theirs it’s pretty strange.”

“In my reality bicycling is not only normal, it is safe, easy, and (most of the time) fun. Bikeways are not necessary and most motorists are courteous. Of the few who aren’t courteous, most are just poor, pathetic convicts in a prison of their own making, so I try not to give them a hard time.”

Articles by Mighk Wilson

Pedaling Culture: Thoughts on Bicycling in American Life (PDF)

Freedom from Fear

Bicyclists, Motorists and the Language of Marginalization

Sprawl, Mega-Roads, and Cycling


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