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Ten Tips for Safe & Enjoyable Bicycle Commuting
by Fred Oswald

Commuting And Errands — Practical Cycling
A list of great articles and resources on

Employers Commuting Guide
Helping employers promote bike commuting on
San Fransisco Bicycle Coalotion

Tricks and Tips for Bicycle Commuting
by Ken Kifer

Tips for Commuters
from the League of American Bicyclists

Paul Dorn's Bike Commuting Tips
He has a blog too

Work Clothing and Bicycle Commuting
by John Meacham at

Commuter Product Reviews

The True Cost of Driving

Other Resources

Get Fit with Personal Training
see Mischa Berg

Get Personal Cycling Training

with Mighk Wilson (web site coming soon)

Cycling Education & Advocacy

Street Smarts — The Forida Bicycle Driver's Manual
You can order one of these books from the Florida Bicycle Association.

Cycling Advocacy & Education Articles
by Fred Oswald

Effective Advocacy
Another list of articles and resources on

Whose Roads? (PDF)
by Todd Litman

Freedom From Fear
by Mighk Wilson

Is Cycling Dangerous?
by Ken Kifer

An Open Letter to Drivers
by Lauren Cooper

Get-there-itis: Conflicts Are Not About Bikes and Cars
by Keri Caffrey

Cycling for Conservation
by Fred Oswald

Great Online Videos

The Rights and Duties of Cyclists

Cyclist Eye View Parts 1-3